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Hello. Welcome to stained glass, mosaic arts & crafts; Ottawa, Ontario

Do you love things that sparkle & shine?  Do you love new crafts? Whether you prefer some quiet, relaxing time on your own or, to work with other like minded creatives, you are in the right place! My name is Trish Rossiter and I am the founder of Meraki Mosaics a creative, stained glass mosaic art initiative in Ottawa. I love and have benefited so much from the amazing craft of mosaics, I want to share this transformative experience with you!  I provide mobile and in studio facilitation and create a space for you to tap into your creativity and make beautiful mosaic art ( think paint nite with stained glass).  Looking for a special gift?  Give a gift certificate for a mosaic adventure! Or, how about gifting a commissioned mosaic piece to yourself or a loved one! (My absolute favourite commission is for a mosaic rendition of “man’s best friend” – our pets!). Contact me for more info today!

Meraki -oh yeah, what does that mean anyway!

Meraki is a Greek word that means to doing something with love, putting your heart and soul into your work. When I first read this definition, it totally resonated with me – because this is how I feel when I create mosaics – especially pet portraits!  I also infuse a good dose of Meraki into my facilitation! Check it out today.