Special Event! Prism’s of Light – The Chakras Glass Mosaic and Kundalini Yoga.

Trish and Abbie invite you to join them for a glass mosaic making, meditation and Kundalini yoga experience in beautiful surroundings. Come and join like-minded souls for a day of nurturing your own life force and creativity.

We will start with a Kundalini yoga and meditation practice that will move us through the chakras or energy centers of our body. The word chakra derives from the Sanskrit for wheel. Our life force flows through our chakras helping us to maintain physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance. The chakras act like energy prisms, each with their own colour and subtle energy. The Kundalini yoga practice offered will work on our etheric and physical bodies to enhance our energy flow and our creativity. You do not need art or yoga experience to participate in the workshop. Kundalini yoga is accessible for all and we will modify movements and postures as we move through the kriyas

In this workshop you will:
1. Practice a Kundalini yoga kriya, which is an accessible combination of
posture, movement and mantra. (practice in a chair or on the floor)
2. Engage in a guided meditation through sacred music while progressing
through each chakra
3. Experience Savasna relaxation
4. Capture your opened creative energy flow in a beautiful Chakra glass mosaic creation

What to bring:
A blanket and pillow
A yoga mat if you have one (there are also mats on site)
Cost: $ 100– includes a small snack, healthy lunch, mosaic art materials, a small handmade
journal and your mosaic masterpiece!

Need a ride? Let us know!

please sign up here.Please sign up here

Limited space available!

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