Will see you again soon

If you want to learn how to be creative and make a beautiful artwork, this is the place to be. The bonus part was that Trish had shown so much patience showing my autistic son to create a piece of…
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CHEO’s annual Hair Donation Ottawa

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Trish for CHEO’s annual Hair Donation Ottawa event. Her creativity was amazing, and the process of working with her company was seamless. We simply told her what we were looking to accomplish…
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…super creative expressive outlet

“Absolutely wonderful. Totally would recommend Trish as a teacher and the classes as a beautiful way to spend a day. A super creative expressive outlet.” Cammie

…special needs …never felt frustrated

“Awesome workshop for my kids Share Community Program… special needs never felt frustrated or like they couldn’t do it. Trish was amazing and I may have found a new interest. Thanks Trish Rossiter. Great time and my group loved it! ” Carol…
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