…super creative expressive outlet

“Absolutely wonderful. Totally would recommend Trish as a teacher and the classes as a beautiful way to spend a day. A super creative expressive outlet.” Cammie

…special needs …never felt frustrated

“Awesome workshop for my kids Share Community Program… special needs never felt frustrated or like they couldn’t do it. Trish was amazing and I may have found a new interest. Thanks Trish Rossiter. Great time and my group loved it! ” Carol Chayer

… amazing piece of art

“I had a beautiful mosaic done of my dog Slice done by Trish last year.The mosaic is an amazing piece of art that hangs proudly in my home. Trish is an incredibly talented artist. Kim S “

…what a great experience!!

“Wow what a great experience!! Trish just coordinated an amazing workshop for us. We were a big group and she guided us all to these beautiful pieces. We will definitely be doing another one it the future, we are hooked on cut glass!” Heather Lucente