CHEO’s annual Hair Donation Ottawa

CHEO’s annual Hair Donation Ottawa

"I recently had the pleasure of working with Trish for CHEO’s annual Hair Donation Ottawa event. Her creativity was amazing, and the process of working with her company was seamless. We simply told her what we were looking to accomplish at the event, and gave her our CHEO branding guidelines, and then she took that framework and created two beautiful designs that featured our loveable CHEO bear! She can literally create a custom design for any brand or event, in all shapes and sizes!

Trish brought all the required tools to the event and set things up so that every participant had the chance to contribute to the creation of the mosaic masterpiece. Participants loved it, since it added to their overall event experience, and Trish was warm and friendly with the attendees of all ages and abilities.

If you are looking to add that extra touch of inspiration to any of your events, Meraki Mosaics makes a great addition to any attendee engagement experience! Once the event is over, the mosaic makes a perfect gift for your company President or Keynote Speaker, or you can auction it off at your next Gala or Golf Tournament, or save it to display at your office, as a memento from another successfully executed event!"

Lydia Blanchard

Oct, 2019