… relaxing, takes me away from daily stresses

“I wanted to learn something new that was creative and beautiful …  Little did I know how much I would enjoy it… relaxing, takes me away from daily stresses … excellent mindfulness activity… relaxed environment… easy to talk and open…
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…rewarding and enriching

“Discovering a new and beautiful artistic expression was why I signed up for mosaic workshops with Trish back in 2014. Connecting with others while creating together is why I’m still attending workshops to this day. It’s a rewarding and enriching…
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… good for the soul

“I spent a lovely relaxing Mosaic class with Trish on a sunny Friday morning!! It is good for the soul to get my artistic side to shine though. Looking forward to finishing my 🦋 butterfly !!!!” Dale

… to take time for myself

“I know how important it is for me to take time for myself, to spend time with friends, and to get creative. The mosaic workshop was a perfect combination of those three things and I love the bluejay sun catcher…
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