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Someone asked me the other day – “why do you do mosaics? What do you get out of it?” My initial instinct was to answer -so I can give you a Christmas present!

On reflection however, I found myself thinking how mosaics have really saved my life over the years! Yes, it sounds a bit dramatic I guess, but really, as I became an instant mom to one, then a second, very busy little girls, and left university in the midst of writing my thesis, I felt very lost. Suddenly my whole life had changed! I wasn’t the independent nurse I had been all my career. But who was I? Surely, more than a stay at home Mom with an incomplete masters degree hanging over my head.

Mosaics quickly became my saving grace. I fell into a hobby that I loved to do and I could do it at home whenever the kids slept! And, I didn’t need to get a babysitter. Mosaics relaxed me. It calmed my mind when I was worried. I was using my hands and cutting glass sounded and felt good! The topic of mosaics replaced my thesis topic as I devoured mosaic books and taught myself different techniques. Facebook mosaic group members became a vital source of social support as we chatted, compared experiences and I learned from other mosaicers all over the world.

Once the kids were older, I could have gone back to nursing, but to be honest, mosaics had become my passion and that was the only job I wanted. Some of my desire was filled as I hosted a mosaic meetup group. The idea to branch out beyond the meetup grew slowly. Every person who attended the meetup fed into my dream of a mosaic studio. A community of women and the odd man – awesome! And all into mosaics! The sheer joy I saw people express as they created mosaics – well why wouldn’t I want to offer this opportunity to the whole world!

So here I am. Have a glance at the workshops I’m facilitating after Christmas. I want to keep making this easy for you, so I will still supply everything you need to make your mosaic. Bring a friend or come and make new ones! And if you cannot get to me, I will come to you! Gather your friends – it’s so therapeutic to do. Don’t procrastinate. Put yourself first and sign up now before life fills your agenda!  

with thanks, Trish

PS What I’m working on right now – about to grout! My friend’s friends have recently had to say goodbye to 2 beloved family members. Being the amazing person my friend is, she wanted to acknowledge the lives and deaths of these beautiful animals and commissioned me to recreate their images in a glass mosaic. I am privileged to do so!

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  1. Lisa Leonard

    Hi Trish,

    Gail and I really enjoyed meeting you (and Barb) today. Thanks so much for such a wonderful workshop. A real education, not to mention a great group of women empowering one another. I look forward to your newsletter and wish you continued success.

    All the Best,



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