Trish Rossiter passion for glass mosaics

My passion is creating stained glass mosaics and I want to share it with you! I’m a wife and a mom to two tween girls, and was a registered nurse in an earlier life.  Around 10 years ago, I had the urge to play with some scraps of stained glass. My first mosaic was a messy, abstract creation, but I loved it! The satisfaction I felt creating that mosaic fueled an obsession to learn everything I could about glass mosaics.

At night, I’d disappear into the basement to recreate mosaic images of our kids, pets, and my garden. Once immersed in creating, I’d become aware of a sense of peace – a feeling that I welcomed very much. Spending time in my “studio” making mosaics continues to help me relax – it rejuvenates me, and sustains me mentally and spiritually. (Read more here).

Craving a community of like minded artisans, I initiated a local Mosaic Meetup Group in 2014. I was successful in my intent to build a small, fluid community of (mostly) women also interested in creating glass mosaics. Some participants were hesitant, shyly claiming they were not artistic, but their beautiful stained glass creations soon proved them wrong.

The enthusiasm born of our regular meetup gatherings, participants’ expressions of joy and the new learnings and friendships made over the past 3 years, lay the foundation for Meraki Mosaics. My east coast roots and love of community urge me to share mosaics with you as well as community organizations such as the LDAO Sunshine Camp and Share Community in Mantotick. And the nurse in me wants to encourage your self care, your time for creativity and stress management, and make it easy for you to practice being in the moment as you create beautiful art.