Bell Let’s Talk Day

A word about depression and mosaics… in support of the reason for Bell Let’s Talk day. One of the saving graces that got me through a lengthy period of depression years ago (in addition to meds, meditation and friends and family support), is creating glass mosaics. Making mosaics also continues to help sustain my mental health today.

Mosaics remind me, when life gets tough beauty still prevails. The sun sparkling and dancing off the glass in the window; flowers, dogs and images of my kids materializing from hundreds of tiny pieces of colourful glass – I am reminded  of the good things in life! Mosaics stimulate my desire to learn more – they help me grow as an individual – to reach out and meet wonderful new people ( such as you reading this) – and to make a difference in my community.

Creating mosaics encourages me to be in the moment and this helps me to put any crap bothering me on the shelf for a bit. Sometimes the quiet time gives me the head space to work out problems unconsciously – to see things from a different perspective.

It is my wish that you too have a hobby to lose yourself in. Life is short. Enjoy the moment!


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